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good things come to those who wait

Dear friends and readers of the blog...

I know I promised to post a sort of documentary of stages on how a collection is created...
guess what?.... the collection is ready! :)

I've been working by this crazy schedule: wake up with Marcus at 6 a.m., feed Marcus, have breakfast, be at atelier at 8 a.m. (I changed the atelier, have employees too, no more hassle with factories) and be there as time permits, or until my husband is leaving for rehearsal or gig.
I still did my own patterns (feel more in control this way). This time (big surprise) I stepped into the evening dresses (even bridal) field. I promise, they are gorgeous, beautiful silk gowns, not overloaded, and absolutely my style (you'd know when you see).

The collection is now split in two: on half are my favorite day dresses (with more "user friendly" price policy this time) and the other half is made of long silk dresses (crinkled chiffon and habutai was used).

We're having the shooting next weekend. The photographer is Alex Conu, shoes by "Smiling Shoes", styling by DaDa. Steel no model, but I'm sure we'll find the right one.

There's more things to come, stay tuned :)

Rolls of silk

Lace from Spain

Little teaser ;)