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S/S 2012 preview

I will be showing this collection at Pret A Porter in September.
For S/S 2012 I'm introducing a new line of long evening dresses in purple-gray, pink and coral colors. Along with this new line I will show my original day dresses.

Ludmila Corlateanu

good things come to those who wait

Dear friends and readers of the blog...

I know I promised to post a sort of documentary of stages on how a collection is created...
guess what?.... the collection is ready! :)

I've been working by this crazy schedule: wake up with Marcus at 6 a.m., feed Marcus, have breakfast, be at atelier at 8 a.m. (I changed the atelier, have employees too, no more hassle with factories) and be there as time permits, or until my husband is leaving for rehearsal or gig.
I still did my own patterns (feel more in control this way). This time (big surprise) I stepped into the evening dresses (even bridal) field. I promise, they are gorgeous, beautiful silk gowns, not overloaded, and absolutely my style (you'd know when you see).

The collection is now split in two: on half are my favorite day dresses (with more "user friendly" price policy this time) and the other half is made of long silk dresses (crinkled chiffon and habutai was used).

We're having the shooting next weekend. The photographer is Alex Conu, shoes by "Smiling Shoes", styling by DaDa. Steel no model, but I'm sure we'll find the right one.

There's more things to come, stay tuned :)

Rolls of silk

Lace from Spain

Little teaser ;)
Ludmila Corlateanu

S/S 2011 Sample Sale, March 26 - 27

Dear friends,

I am having a Sample sale. Since the production is finished, I prefer to have that sale at the begining of the season, rather that at the end, as it is normally done.

There will be items from past collections at very reduced price.

The address is as follows:

B-dul Energeticienilor nr.9E, bloc M1, et.2, Birou 24, sector 3, Bucuresti, in incinta Universitatii Romane de Stiinte si Arte “Gheorghe Cristea” (zona Real Vitan), statia RATB: POLICLINICA UNEX A-Z (102, 123, 135).


26 & 27 March, from 12.00 to 16.00

Should you need more info, please let me know at milas_fashion[at]yahoo[dot]com

Ludmila Corlateanu


The last year I've been overwhelmed by things happening in my life (giving birth, raising a child while simultaneously designing and producing collections) . Up to the point that I sort of shut myself and stopped responding to things, events, actions I should have taken...
So what you do when you reach the "next level" but your forces are at the "previous" one?... Right, take a deep breath and start it all over again, stretching yourself to the new limits. Hey, I design for supergirls, right? Something must have rubbed off on me too..
What I want to start here, is an honest report about how I design, create, show, sell etc, etc a collection. It would be the S/S 2012 this time.
Few of you, who still read this abandoned blog, please let me know if that's a good idea and if yes, what you'd want to know about that process.

Ludmila Corlateanu

Attention, young designers!

This post aims to help you in a way that you could help yourself.
I know how hard it is to start in the business of fashion design, but luckily there are international fashion contests, which can bring you up front (should you have all the qualities that are necessary, that is).
So, let's start..

1. ITS
2. DfT
3. Mittelmoda
4. European Fashion Award
5. Arts Of fashion
6. El Boton (mango fashion award, runs every 18 months)
7. Hyères

You're welcome to share links to other fashion design competitions that I haven't listed here.
Please, pay attention as many have close deadline application.
Ludmila Corlateanu

random thoughts...

It's been a busy and challenging year for me and I am pleased to say that things are going on the right direction.
One year ago this time I was 4 months pregnant, running around with private orders and feeling quite happy. I was thinking I should change things, with a new baby on the way and more work to come.
My plan was to increase sales, abandon custom made dresses, diversify the styles of the collections and get quality at a higher level. For starters I began to contact agents. As you know, with all markets down, it was (and still is) really hard to find someone who's willing to take on a new brand. But if you work hard enough, it always comes back to you. I was recommended to a new agent by a lady who had a sell-through of all the dresses she ordered from me (at full price in one month, that is). Another one liked the styles I make and took the risk of having me on board and a third one is to come to a decision over the next season.
I still develop my own patterns, and the factory I'm working with proved to be very good at producing my dresses. Of course, this great find came after an "almost to happen" fiasco of a factory, that ruined half of my fabrics, while I was working to fix things out, with my one-month old baby Marcus next to me.
But challenges are made to be overcame and now business is going great, Marcus is 6 months old, and I'm again in the midlle of production. A dress is 10% design and 90% logistics. I now invest more in accesories, and finishings, "God is in details" :) I found two new fabric agents (one for basics, another for fancy stuff). The rest is work, work, work... Feel blessed for enjoying so much what I do.


Please, meet Marcus, my superboy, who is 6 months old today :)

p.s. I've managed to monitor the latest runway collections, and I must say that I could have definitely fit in at Valentino's. Love, love, love their S/S 2011 collection!!  But, Revenons à nos moutons.