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Sakura.. 2006

This collection is created back in 2006. I haven't produced any of the styles, and as you cand see, it is quite different from what I normally do now. Inspiration was a sado-mazo Geisha caracter.
Colors are slightly different, due to transition of CYMK into RGB mode.


Editorial by Kim Kyung Soon for Vogue Korea.
In 2007 I started my brand with THIS COLLECTION, which was inspired by the Hanbok.

I'll be showing my new, S/S 2011 "Girls Of Summer" Collection at Atmosphère's Paris, on Septemeber 4-7, 2010, Stand A 125.



"Amelie de Bucarest" Editorial

Foto: Vlad Birdu
Make-up: Apropos Make-up
Accesorii: Smiling Shoes
Model: Rodica L. Best Models

Oh boy, do I have news for you!!...

First of all, my dear and faithful (few of you who remained) readers, I apologize for my absence from the fashion scene. I wasn't in fact absent, but more about it later.

One news (not new to some of you) is that in May, just few days before my birthday, I have produces a wonderful superboy, called Marcus (as in Marcus Miller). Marcus has been a wonderful travel pal on my last 3 journey to Paris even before he was born. And he continues to support me now, as I just have finished making pattern for my next s/s 20111 collection (having a one-month old baby, that's a huge accomplishment).

Another is ... my work, of course. I have just finished the patterns for s/s 2011 collection!! I have opted (again) for neutral colors and natural fabrics. Why? because if you're going to invest these days in a designer dress, it better be a timeless, chic and elegant piece (sorry, for my being modest here). Besides, I loved to combine the casualness of linen, with some cool sexiness in some silhouettes.. and some easy-breezy sac shapes in finest cotton batiste I could (finally!) find... and again, there's lace too (one which I long hunted)..
My summer is still busy. Production is next, so there's no time for baby blues for me (Thank God!)

A/W 2010 Runway Reviews (part 2)

Let's continue..

The silhouettes are becoming more fitted and body-conscious. The A and H lines are more and more present as a result of women empowering (Western women) and the morbid O line is slightly moving out...




Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum: the trench is still there, but also the reinterpretation of lace (love the see-through skirts and shirts), the military fitted coats, double-breasted jackets, and (yey!!) the return of metallic-gold buttons (loved those in the '90, and when 2 years ago I have bought 2 packages of them in Milan, my friend asked "where the hell are you going to use those?..")

Elie Saab: The red carpet dress designer, this time came with a more chic & laconic versions of the gowns. The LBDs are most wonderful. Personally, I would love to have most of that collection (I would wear it around the house, during the day, in the evening and would never get feed up with it). These are the perfect dresses to me...

Giambattista Valli: masters the shape. This time it's about the surface structure and the flowy against the rigid. Love the masculine tuxedo against the chiffon skirts.

Kaiser Karl for Chanel: I'll disregards the Yeti boots and Yeti pants (Karl was amusing himself), but I kind of like the Yeti skirt :) The rest is another exercise of Chanel classics, tweed suits and dresses, which I love, love, love..

pictures from style.com

A/W 2010 Runway Reviews (part 1)

Since I'm reorganizing my business I found myself enjoying couple of doing-nothing days. It feels most wonderful, after almost one year of hard work. I still love what I do, but I plan doing it more efficiently... More about that later on...

Now, I've had some time to see my favorite collections and I would like to share here what I liked the most...
All from

Antonio Berardi: love the chic and tailored look. The tuxedo, use of chiffon, lace, velvet... very classy. And black is never boring here.

Badgley Mischka: I started to like more and more American designers. Their collections are easy to digest and often look like eye candy.

Basso & Brooke: really good at their own prints. At first I thought it would be a "desigual" direction, but it turned out that silhouettes are clean, cuts very precise and overall very-very wearable and original.


Behnaz Sarafpour: modern, clean. Love it.

At Workshop Paris, 4-7 March 2010

The trade shows during PFW are slightly different from the ones that take place in Paris one month before. From what I noticed the guests are mostly Japanese, and most of them are buyers (at Pret A Porter you have press, Asian sourcing companies, plain visitors and buyers too). These shows are held in the heart of Paris (Workshop for instance was on avenue Opera) and they are more intimate, so to speak.
The only other trade show of this kind I have attended was Upside Milano with the first season's collection. I'm still thinking if exhibiting at such shows is suitable for my brand. But I am definitely showing again at Porte de Versailles in September.

Here below some pictures from the event. I must say that Myriam, the manager of Workshop did a great job. We were treated to a French breakfast in the morning and being well taken care of.

Location was great, the weather was sunny but very windy and cold. I bought some old-lady poncho to keep myself warm (I was leaving Bucharest at 16 Celsius, versus -6 in Paris). On the last day I have had even some time to shop for printed fabrics at Marche St. Pierre on Montmartre (I can splurge a fortune on fabrics).

These days I'm finishing the production of S/S 2010 collection (had a reorder for Linen Denim coats for Kuwait). Next thing to do will be to get all confirmations for the A/W 2010-2011 collection (I will be able to say who's in just in mid-April, but one new buyer name I can reveal: Isetan), start its production and I'm waiting for my samples from Greece for S/S 2011.


Ludmila Corlateanu: MADE FOR SUPERGIRLS



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